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An extensive archive of folktales in which the stories are grouped by themes.

An amazing resource for all things related to fairy tales, including plenty of stories (many annotated with extensive notes), classic illustrations, and more.

A true treasure house, this mind-boggling assemblage of sacred texts includes within its cavernous virtual halls a wide range of myths, legends, and sources for folk tales.

A collection of some truly beautiful stories, along with essays for each tale about how they have been and can be used in a healing context.

Check out my blog post on “Awesome on-line story resources” for info. on the links below

Jewish Storytelling Resources

Given the huge importance that Hasidic Judaism gives to storytelling, it’s no surprise that many a wonderful tale has emerged (and continues to emerge) from the Hasidim of the world.  Here are a whole bunch of them! and is a tremendous resource, packed full of many things– including many stories.  The first link goes straight to their children’s storytelling site (which has many stories that really aren’t just for children), while the second link goes to stories geared for adults.

Other storytellers, artists, educators, and innovators

Tucson’s very own group dedicated to the telling of personal stories

Tucson Tellers of Tales

Tucson’s storytelling group, with monthly meetings and other story events

Phoenix based storyteller/dancer

Tucson based balloon artist

Portland OR based Jewish outdoors educator

Boston based foodwriter

Universally based Harry Potter expert, social activist, and applied mythologist

Riverside CA based artist, musician, madman

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