Awesome on-line story resource

The other night I found myself at the very awesome Tucson Freedom Seder (bringing together hundreds of people from numerous different communities), dressed up like Elijah and telling a story attributed to him (and many others from different cultures as well, for that matter).  Afterwards someone attending the seder asked for a written version of the story, so I went on a brief on-line hunt, and what I found blew me away.  For not only did I find the story itself, but in the finding I also discovered an incredible new on-line resource for stories!  Well, perhaps not new in an absolute sense, but new for me.

It’s the Google Booksearch!  Do you know of it?  You can search through thousands and thousands of books, and many of them have a “preview” option that lets you “flip” through chunks of consecutive pages—enough of a chunk to contain a great many folktales, it seems.

For instance, one of my very first sources of stories upon becoming a storyteller was a book edited by Jane Yolen called “Favorite Folktales from around the World.”  I checked it out from the Richardson public library, copied some of my favorite stories from it, and am still telling many of those stories today, seven years later (in fact, there were stories I copied then that I’m only just now adding to my repertoire—and truly just now, since today I told one of those folktales for the first time publicly at El Rio Community Center in West Tucson).  And voila, here is the book, online:,M1

Click the forward button and you get to the index:,M1

You’ll find the vast majority of the stories listed in the index as links, so you just click and go.  Amazing!

Looking for more stories?  Just go to and search for folktales (or legends, or myths, or anything really).  Under the blurb of each of the books that show up, it’ll tell you if the title has “no preview,” “limited preview,” or “full view.”

Oh my, the internet…  how my heart grows faint in its presence.

Well, while we’re at it, here are two new resources for stories I’ve recently found:

(I hope to add some stories up there myself, when I get around to it)

Have at it!


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