Finger-puppets, TV storytelling, and the Biosphere, oh my!!

Lots of storytelling firsts for me these last few days, and some busy storytelling days they’ve been. First, I kicked off Thursday morning with three preschool performances in which I used finger-puppets in my storytelling for the first time! I know this is likely not too shocking to any of ye readers, but those of you who know my deep dark past know that part of that deep dark past is a deep dark (and massive) collection of finger-puppets—started when I was 8 and continuing to this day. Given the fact that I’m a storyteller and have so many finger puppets, it’s strange that it’s taken me all these years to incorporate them. But incorporate them I did, amidst the silent fanfare of wide preschool eyes (and enthralled silence from preschoolers is the best kind of fanfare a storyteller can ask for).

The day progressed to night, and Thursday evening I found myself again in a TV studio—the last time it was for biodiesel, while this time it was for storytelling. Yes, my first storytelling TV feature. Granted it was on Tucson Access TV, so no Daily Show appearances for me in the foreseeable future (yet), but it was a fantastic 50 minutes of storytelling and passionate discussions on the power of story and the imagination. I’ll be looking through the video and, if I like what I’ll see, I’ll be posting segments on-line.

Then, last night… I looked around me… On my left stood the bizarrely sci-fi Biosphere 2, behind me rose the majestic Santa Catalina mountains, above me spanned the glorious night sky of the Sonoran Desert, and before me was assembled a host of science teachers from all over Arizona, to whom I was telling astronomy stories from all around the world. Bizarre and beautiful—just the way I like it. Luckily, Autumn (my wife) was there as well, recording the performance. Again, depending on how I like what I hear when I re-listen, I may soon post some stories from last night as a podcast.

Stay tuned for more stories, and more lovely weirdness…


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