Updates to the website, a huge new beginning, and a request for some pioneering…

Check out my new “Watch & Listen” page!  I’ve changed it around some, added new audio stories, and posted a new video/slideshow (keep your ears open to the lyrics of the background song and how they fit storytelling).

In other news, this past weekend marked a beginning for which I’ve been waiting a long while.  For some time I’ve wanted to combine electronic psytrance music with storytelling (mythotrance, as I call it), but to really do it right I needed to find a producer/DJ who was down to join me on a wild ride of exploration, work, and play through this rather crazy (and rather profound) arts interface.  It seems to have finally happened!  Who knows how it’ll all turn out in the end, but my friend Greg and I had an amazing opening mythotrance session on Saturday night, and the process has begun!!!

Well some of you may have noticed that under the “experimental” section of my website, there’s an early attempt at mythotrance on my part.  I’d love it if you’d take a listen to it and give me some feedback, as the cross-genre offspring of mythotrance is in a completely formative stage and any ideas/inspirations/reactions you can offer would go a long way in shaping this new artform.

Rolling right along…


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